Choosing the perfect dress!!

Getting engaged is one of the most exciting moments of a girls life and you always want your wedding day to be perfect. Many questions will go through every bride to be's head for example:

- Rent or buy the dress?

- whether to buy online or go physical shopping?

- do they wear a family heirloom dress?

- Is moms dress really what i want to wear?

Sometimes when you think you have found the perfect wedding dress in a bridal magazine you set your heart on having it only to find that no dress shop stocks it or when you try the one you fall in love with online it may not always suit your body type this can be very disappointing.

At Gemini weddings we support all our brides when choosing their wedding dress we can be there on the day to help to provide unbiased opinions. Our Amazing suppliers Diamond Couture UK & Courtyard Bridal have some stunning gowns to offer why not visit their websites Diamond Couture & Welcome to Courtyard Bridal, Winterborne Kingston, Blandford, Dorset. Here below we have some images of their beautiful gowns. Diamond Couture UK

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