Dress styles of the year 2021

Many brides this year are opting for more simplistic designs instead of the more traditional ballgown. Beach weddings are also becoming more popular with brides as a way to combat the restrictions presented by covid-19.

However some brides are still opting for a more traditional princess gown such as pictured above. The level of detail in dresses has varied from intricate lace to intimate detailing. The budget for dresses is also fluctuating as many are not in the same financial status as they were pre-covid whilst some are splurging more for dresses as they value their big day more.

Pictured above is an example of the more detailed dresses that are increasing in popularity this year.

The above dress is an example of the more intimately detailed dresses that are popular for both location weddings and beach weddings.

The above dress is a balance of detailed lace whilst still being light weight which therefore makes it popular for beach weddings as the detail of the lace makes a bride feel beautiful without being impractical and uncomfortable.

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