Going the extra mile

Why as your wedding planner do i feel its important to go the extra mile for your clients and their guests? The answer to this is simple Word of mouth is your biggest advertising source. If you show that you will go above and beyond the extra mile for your clients this gives you an upper hand when it comes to extra advertising. Ways in which Gemini have gone the extra mile so far this season: Open all hours attitude - Here at Gemini we don't just have 9-5 office opening hours we have a you message or call us and we will answer and reply opening hours. What do this mean i hear you saying it means if you have a question at midnight and you send us a Whatsapp or text more than likely you will be very surprised to receive a reply. I have been known to be talking to bride and grooms at 1- 2 am. I myself have a family so this sometimes means that i cant be accessible during 9-5 hours therefore making myself available at all times is not only convenient for me but also my clients. Babysitting Children - Children at weddings can be both fun but challenging due to keeping them entertained. The ceremony can be boring for little ones to sit through, whether it be in a church, registry office or private venue, a lot of couples don't think to book entertainers for the children or have found that childminders for weddings to be too expensive. Here at Gemini weddings we will take care of any childminding that is required on the day at no extra cost this can be anything from looking after them during the ceremony to putting them to bed at the end of the day. We have also gone as far as watching children on bouncy castles so that the wedding party and their guests can enjoy themselves. Taxis - Many times guests have been stranded at venues unable to get home due to being unable to get a taxis or a lift home. Gemini have the ability to be able to give people lifts like we have done a few times this season due to having business insurance. Catering - Sometimes food that is supplied at weddings isn't always to everyone's tastes for example hog roasts can be very daunting to see by children seeing a whole pig on a roasting stick can put them off eating the food. Gemini weddings have gone above and beyond to make sure everyone eats for example going and fetching McDonald's for children to make sure they get to eat. Making food suitable for babies to eat is also forgotten when catering for weddings we have gone above and beyond to make sure that babies are able to eat by cutting up and cooling the menu to the rightsize and temperature for them. DJ - Gemini Weddings & Planning services have been known to be trusted with doing the ceremony music for couples, we have also done the evening reception music when DJ's have been unable to attend. The above are just a couple of examples in which we will go above and beyond what is in our contract with couples to make sure their day runs as smooth as possible. Book us today to experience a wedding planner like no other.

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