How to set your wedding budget

Many couples aspire to make their big day as memorable as possible without spending thousands of pounds. This is where acquiring a wedding planner can be advantageous as they can control the budget whilst still sourcing each and every element of your big day.

If you choose not to hire a wedding planner you can prevent overspending by keeping up to date spreadsheets of the costs of your wedding to ensure the costs do not build to an unmanageable level.

Setting your own budget also has benefits as you can be more flexible depending on your budget and financial status at the time of engagement. Traditions such as the father of the groom paying for the rehearsal dinner can also alleviate some financial stress as some of the wedding is covered by the family however, this increases the risk of conflict due to interfering in-laws as many family members will only pay for part of the wedding if they can have a say over the decisions that occur during the run-up to the wedding.

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