Pet lovers

Attention all pet lovers!!! Did you know that there are so many ways your beloved animals can be apart of your big day. Whether you own a cat, dog, horse, rabbit, reptile, or even a pig, there are plenty of ways to have your animal play a role in the big day.

Whether they are in your photos or a ring bearer yes your read it right! what's stopping your beloved pooch being your ring bearer or even walking you down the aisle?

Some ways to involve the fur baby in your family could be:

- Dressing them in a tux or dress to match the bride and groom

- Have an engagement shoot with your pets

- Maybe consider having them as an illustration on your invitations and stationary

- Maybe you don't physically want them there on the day, therefore you can still include them by having them on your cake or in your decorations, photo booth props made to look like your beloved fur baby.

The possibilities are endless don't feel you have to leave them behind!

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